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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Community Shield Final: Manchester City 2-3 Manchester United - Are Manchester City ready?

Times were looking up for Man City when they lifted the FA Cup, but maybe this defeat could be something of a setback for the sky blues. I am aware that the last goal and winning goal for United was from a last minute Kompany error, but conceding 3 goals and giving away a 2 goal lead to their potential title challengers is not a good start in an attempt to kick start a campaign that many are expecting for a Man City success. The likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and possibly even Tottenham wouldn't be giving away a lead like the one City were holding by the scruff of the neck at half-time.
Turning attentions to Man United, another masterclass of management from Sir Alex has shown through once again, could this be Ferguson's title once more?? With the likes of Manchester City and Arsenal lacking in certain areas, Tottenham falling away from the top pack and Liverpool only just starting their revival, can Chelsea mount a challenge this season, even though they are still yet to sign a quality first-team player this summer, along with an ageing squad? Tell us what you think of the title race this season, by commenting below, and by answering the poll further down the page.
Also, yes, this is my first post, I wish to welcome everybody! My name is Michael, also known as boumavilla, due to the fact that my favourite player is the legendary Wilfred Bouma, once of Aston Villa, my favourite club! I also support Torquay United and I enjoy watching the Eredivisie too!
Hope you will enjoy my blog!


  1. you are right man city are not ready for the title race
    they dont work as a team whereas man u do
    that is man city's disadvantage

  2. hi josh
    yeah I see what you're getting at, man city seem a little more disjointed due to the fact that 20 superstars have just been almost thrown onto a pitch and are expected to perform; I think they'll get it eventually, but they should take a leaf out of Ferguson's book and attempt to build a team